More than experience, creativity is one of the factors that make Gil Design's team highly appreciated. With just a space of 85m2, see how Gil Design has turned it into a work of art.

Small Bar interior design

Investor: Mr. New

Project: District 1 - HCMC

Scale: 85m2

Modern style


Small bar interior design

Creativity is limitless, not only at home improvement designs, Gil Design can do more than that, specifically here is the interior design of a small bar.

There are 2 concepts that Gil Design has come up with, even though just conceptualized, but the detail of the concept is also almost relative to outside reality.

Modern concept


Modern concept

With a modern style concept, the Bar is chosen with a bright, white background mixed with wooden furniture to create a cozy feeling, making the 85m2 room seem separate from the outside world.

The most outstanding feature of this concept is the barista. Having a choice of wooden borders with white and gray cement, the bar has a retro direction - a modern style mixed with classic, contributing to an atmosphere with a bit of nostalgia among contemporary features.

Above the bar is a symbol of the spirit of the bar. Bar Accessory logo, highlighted in white on a black wall, thanks to the spotlight's light, represents not only the space but also represents the owner of the bar, very liberal, rustic but bold. modern substance.

The reception desk is located in a cozy and relaxing space. The visitors here will feel the full space, music, ... together with a glass of hot wine. This will surely bring an unforgettable experience with a unique little Bar space.


Modern concept

Concept in classic style.

If with the modern style, the pub chooses white as the main background to highlight the modern, luxurious and classic blends, with this concept, the bar will have a European style and ghost. of ancient times.

Classic concept

No longer wearing the bright white of contemporary, this concept has chosen a mysterious black as the main color, from which red is displayed in the middle of space as showing power, giving us a feeling. ghostly when entering this space.

As soon as entering the room, all attention will be focused on the wall, where the Spotlight is arranged to highlight the soul of the Concept: "Red wine glass" carries the message "All you need. is a Glass Of Wine ”. This is also the detail that creates the style of the room when all of the above messages are hand-drawn, creating an equally luxurious feeling.

The arrangement of "nothing but wine" in the room is also an additional point to honor the above message, making the guests just want to enjoy a bottle of wine and enjoy the space of the room.

In order to increase the mystique of space, light also plays a rather important role. All the light in the room is arranged in soft yellow, just bright enough to highlight the correct positions, combined with brown wood details to bring an ancient ghost feeling.

The wine rack in the middle of the room is perhaps the most expensive detail to mention. More than a shelf, "wine pillar" style of ancient European aristocracy makes us feel like we are entering a certain cellar in the previous centuries.


Classic concept

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