Payment and shipping policy

Key policy and transport payment

Payment policy:

There are the following forms of payment:

  1. Pay in cash directly at the company's address .
  2. Payment on receipt (COD), customers view the goods at home, pay cash to the delivery staff .
  3. Transfer in advance. You transfer first, then we carry out delivery according to the agreement or contract with you.
  4. Account information: Gil Design Construction Design Company Limited

Account holder: Luong Thu Trang

Account number:


Transfer content: Customer Name_Product Name_ Quantity

For customers wishing to buy large quantities for business or wholesale please contact us directly for a reasonable price policy. And the payment will be made according to the contract.

  • Note:

- Delivery fee will depend on each region and customer's order: Inner city, suburban and neighboring provinces .        

- Note that when the order has been successfully ordered, if you want to return, please contact the customer service department directly to cancel the order. Unless the product has been put into production (custom-designed) or the product has been delivered to the port of shipment , the company cannot assist in canceling the order. However, the company will try its best to support the customer's request.       


C whopping warranty:

  1. Warranty case

- The product is still in the warranty period .        

- Products are warranted in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations .        

- You present the warranty card when coming to the factory or the company office .        

  1. Where is not warranted

- The product is out of warranty period .        

- Warranty does not specify the product number and date of purchase .        

- The product number and the number in the warranty card do not match .        

- Products are scratched, dented, deformed for impact, long-term use.        

- Customers repair products by themselves or bring them somewhere else to repair        

- Conditions of return or 100% refund .        

- The product is defective after checking the goods.        

- The product is not the same as the product that the customer ordered on the website .        


- Customers need to return the goods within 3 working days from the time you receive the goods.        

- The return product needs to be intact the label, box, and original packaging of the product as when you received the product at first .        

Shipping and complaints policy

Shipping policy

Scope of regulation: This policy provides for the basic contents of the wood product delivery and delivery procedures under the contract between the Company and the Client. 

Subjects of application: The Company and the registered Client of the Company (the customer has completed the payment according to the agreement of the two parties). 

Location of delivery - receipt of project products - or construction projects: The Company will hand over on time to the Client at the Company's headquarters unless otherwise specified in the contract. If the customer purchases furniture, he / she will receive the goods directly at the Delivery Department of the Company under the guidance of the Sales Consultant. 

Process of delivery - receipt

General principle: The Company only hands over to the right person who has entered into a contract with the Company, or who is legally authorized by this person. The transfer of products to a legally authorized person has the same legal effect as delivering the product to the person signing the contract. Where the authorized person at the time of the product can not produce the documents proving eligibility authorized legally, the Company has the right to refuse delivery plas m and notify the contracting work Product delivery failed. In any case, the Company will hand over the product to the Customer at the place mentioned in the Contract.       

Prior to handover the staff Sales Consulting of the company will contact the customer to confirm nhậ n the time and place of handover of products and guide customers to prepare some papers needed equipment when receiving and delivering the product.  

The costs incurred related to the delivery of products outside the showroom premises will be determined according to the specific provisions in the Contract between the Company and the Client. 

At the time of delivery and receipt of wooden products, please directly check the type, quantity, product condition, accessories and / or other promotional items (if any). to compare the consistency between the actual delivery and the agreement between the Parties in the Contract.

When performing the product handover procedure, the sales consultant will make a “Acceptance and delivery record of the product, showing the wood product status at delivery and accessories (if any). Customers please check the content of the Record recorded in accordance with the actual delivery. The minutes will be made at least 02 copies and in any case, the Customer will always receive an original of the Minutes of Acceptance and handover of the product.  

The confirmation in the Minutes is the confirmation that the Company has delivered the product and the Customer has received the product correctly and sufficiently and ensures the quality as agreed upon in the Contract. Responsibilities of the Company after the time the Parties confirm the minutes will be implemented in accordance with the provisions of warranty.  

Product delivery time 

- Delivery time is specified in the contract.        

- While waiting to receive our wooden products, if you have any questions about the handover, please contact the company's hotline so that the company's staff can assist you. customers.        

The policy of product exchange / return will be made under the warranty policy from Goods purchased, ordered, can change to another model, but all negotiations must depend on the seller, because the order is not possible. exchange or return. Because we depend on the model, we will try our best to help customers in exchange.

Complaint handling policy

- Working time at the company office from 8:00 am - 17:00 pm. The complaint hotline will be on-call until 20:00 pm.        

- Receive all customer complaints related to the use of the company's services / products .        

- All warranty cases, you can contact us for warranty procedures.          

- Complaint settlement time is within 03 (three) working days after receiving customer's complaint. In case of force majeure, the two sides will negotiate by themselves.          

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