The office can be considered as the second home for office workers.

Therefore, the architects of Gil Design have come up with the idea that the office design is both modern and able to relax to reduce stress. Let's see the architect's work through the 3D series of photos below!

Design and construction of modern office furniture

Details: Investor: Mr. Quang

Project: Office M2

Scale: 6 floors

Style: Industrial

Office interior design type 1


The interior is designed with a set of desks and chairs in a minimalistic gray-white color of the office. Swivel chairs with curved design are selected to suit the staff's sitting posture. The layout of the desk is very reasonable because it can catch the full light from the outside in, helping everyone to work with natural daylight. Small bookshelf designed on the wall is a utility that helps employees to read books and makes the room more beautiful.


Wooden partitions containing decorative flower pots placed on opposite sides are also rationally arranged to help the room become elegant and close to nature, helping office staff reduce stress. Properly installed lighting system illuminates each employee's working position, helping everyone to work day and night.


The authentic yellow rectangular frame is the highlight of this office, the architects have cleverly designed a place inside each office that can help employees relax, sit back, drink coffee. coffee or reading in free time. Looking at this frame, we will definitely pick up the camera and take a selfie of the virtual live photos with a real city view. Try asking if any employee who sees a workspace like this does not want to work for a long time with the company!

Office interior design 2


The interior arrangement for this office makes it possible for everyone to enjoy a modern, luxurious space. You can see the city view under every corner in the room. The curtains are also selected in the same color tone with the floor to both shade the sun and create a highlight for the space.


The special thing in this room is the long single sofa placed in the left corner of the room, this is considered the highlight of the office. It is a place where office staff can rest, confide after stressful working hours, and are also a place to chat and receive guests. Round table, wooden chairs combined with light bulbs hung from the ceiling along with canvas paintings make this space a real place for employees to sip a chill coffee or to capture live photos. virtual stunning.

With the desire for the office staff to have a working space and relax, the interior designers of Gil Design have brought elegant, convenient and equally modern designs. and receive absolute satisfaction from our customers. The office staff of your company are very eager to enjoy this workspace. Do you want to work and experience this space? What are you waiting for, please contact us immediately for enthusiastic advice on the best design solutions!


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