This is an opportunity for us to look back on the roles of women in life, reflect on what they have been through and share love together, making their lives as warm and happy as the way they have participated in everyone's life.

MARCH 8 - A gift for the woman you love

From children to the elderly, when it comes to March 8, everyone immediately thinks of International Women's Day. This is the joy and pride of women when March 8 is called up as a mark of feminism, the recognition of society before the great but silent dedication and sacrifice of women


Happy Woman's Day.

Did you know the International Women's Day was born not only to send gratitude to women but also a milestone for the world to understand that the role and position of men and women in society are equal? In the late nineteenth century in the West, when the US was developing strongly in technology and technology, the number of workers also increased rapidly, in which the number of children and women made up a small part. Although the performance of all workers is the same, capitalist employers assume that "women" workers may be weaker than other workers, for that reason they will enjoy lower wages and have to work harder to be able to compensate for the efficiency of ordinary workers. In essence, the jobs that men can do, all the women in this world are also capable of completing. This is gender-based exploitation when there is no convincing evidence. Therefore, on March 8, 1857, female workers stood up to regain justice and regain gender equality. Although this event was extinguished very quickly, its impact on society has had a huge impact on society since that time.
In life, the woman always has to suffer more disadvantages both physically and mentally. They must take on the burdens and pressures when they have to keep the responsibility of caring for their family. If the man is the pillar of the home, the woman is the bridge, the smoldering fire that keeps the family warm and happy. Think once again, through the years of ups and downs in life, more or less, the image of a mother, a wife who always takes care of life is enough to show you the great sacrifice and stature. of women under those small shoulders how important it is.
On this International Women's Day, let's see this as an opportunity to once again reflect on the great role of women, thereby paying more attention to them. No matter who you are in this society, make sure your thanks, sincerity and love are fully conveyed to the people you love. Big or small, a gift that carries your mind can convey your message to its fullest.
Understanding those feelings, Gil Design also has some good ideas about meaningful gifts to share, making this "special day" as "special" as possible.


Happy Woman's Day

If you are a busy person who does not have much time to prepare fancy things, give a gift to your loved one, not necessarily too expensive but must be meaningful: the flower of the same words; household items that make their life more comfortable and convenient; Or even if possible, high-value jewelry is the highlight of the splendor, showing that they are special, precious people in your life.
In case you want to dedicate loving words from the bottom of your heart, handmade gifts, meals made by your own hands will replace the most sincere words from the bottom of your heart.
With sincere sharing, Gil Design hopes you will have a meaningful International Women's Day with your loved ones and family. On the occasion of March 8, Gil Design would like to send you a gift, although not great, but I hope that this gift will become a part of the warmth, to be present in the ups and downs associated with in the near future:




Women play a big role in life. March 8 is not only an occasion for our gratitude but also a reminder that let's love and cherish because "Women are to love". In the midst of many disadvantages in life, men should at least take this day to love their women, to change their own words as well as help them feel the happiness in life. Don't forget the gifts that make today their full meaning.

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