This is the project that Architects Gil Design have created this architecture with great effort. This project has been directly conceptualized and constructed directly by the owner along with Gil Design construction team. With the desire to be in harmony with nature, safe, but still show the luxury and attraction. The house is not too big but everything is arranged very carefully and makes the living space always comfortable and comfortable

Interior design of Vung Tau townhouses

Investor: Mr Anh
Project: Townhouse
Scale: 3 bedrooms
Modern style


From the front, the scene is a bit small, but very moderate. The front is designed to be a small garden, lined by artificial carpet. This design gives people a feeling of airy and close to nature. The inside next to the gate is the place for cars and motorbikes. Safe that saves an area.

The house uses white as the main color, making the house both elegant and luxurious. The highlight is wooden brown decorated under the ceiling and at the door wall. The outside is installed with glass doors which are very safe when children are in the house.

The house is designed with 1 ground floor 2 floors and 1 terrace. This can be considered as the general design for the houses located in the center and crowded.




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