To help the customers have the best choices, the furniture has to be particularly attracted and an ideal living space. The 89 Living hotel project has shown that with the experience of the interior designer of the Gil Design, the modern event of space is widely wider. Look at them through a 3D series.

The interior design for the new 89 Living

Detailed information: 89 Living Hotel

Investor: Ms. Ha

Project: A senior apartment for rent.

Kneel: 11 flat

Modern: Modesty, use green tone

The interior decorator is modern.


The Gil Design designers designed the living room to complete the natural light through the glass floor, light the space in the living room, the highlighted blue walls, the highlighted with the nice wooden board, and the LED lights. Yeah, well, a prominent white sofa on a high sheet, put on a black white carpet in a room where it's become modern and stylish, the plants and flowers are designed to make the space cool.


The opposite of the sofa is a white white white field wall and decorated by painting, Beneath the top of the beautiful white closet and the churchbook is placed on the front door in a very skillful way, the lamps designed to hang on the floor, which is perfectly simple for the living room space. Arrange to add extra utilities to the living room.

An apartment furniture furniture design one way


With modern and modern resources, which are useful to the Gil Design designers that have created a hotel room not only to sleep and help the guests with the accommodations as well as a microwave, a tidy microwave, which is a tidy-tidy shelf shelf shelf shelf shelf shelf. Make the guests feel like they're in their little house.


The table is arranged next to the walls of the kitchen, decorating the painting and the lanterns with golden light that makes you eat a very delicate, delicate, cozy sense. The television is laid across the bed across the hall, helping the guests relax and save the room.


The apartment is blue and white, and the bedroom area is designed the same for all the rooms. The bedding bed is designed by the side of the side door, which allows the customers to enjoy the dawn light or see the sunset in their own room without feeling so dramatically, two strangulation straps hang nights are the point where the bedrooms are causing the beauty of sleep. No, the client has a wonderful vacation.

Typical housing furniture furniture furniture design



Also with the same green tone and internal interior, but the designers have shifted the right position of the room.

Internal furniture furniture furniture furniture 3

thiet-ke-thi-cong-khach-san-89-living-9 thiet-ke-thi-cong-khach-san-89-living-10

The Gil Design designers have managed to set up their bed across the window with a cover-up TV in front, helping the customers to watch the beautiful nature view, suitable for romantic couples to meet the table to set the angle. It's a unique diet table.

In order to turn the rooms of the hotel into a miniature house with its full of utility and modern space, architect Gil Design to outsource the interior of the interior, modern, and... Turn this place into a place that can rest in the space of the room. The changing of the different furniture arrangements of every room has also given the customers many suitable options and absolute satisfaction, and why would you want to possess yourself a space like this? What are you waiting for, my friend, please contact us right now to be consulted on the best design design!


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