Nail salon interior design is a keyword that is being searched a lot in recent times. Because the need to redesign the business space is gradually increasing. But in Ho Chi Minh City, the stores are almost very small, so how can you satisfy the redesign of the business space according to your wishes but still aesthetics and a comfortable space. Let's see Architects Gil Design conceptualizing and redesigning the space for Ms. Vi's store in HCMC!

Interior design for Nail salon - the most uniquely urban area in Ho Chi Minh City

Investor: Ms. Vi
Project: District 1 - HCMC
Scale: 50m2
Style: Carpentry

No longer bring modernity in design style, for the project "Interior Design for Nail salon". A new challenge is posed: wearing a 50m2 space with a "Moc" quality coat to serve contemporary needs, which is nail making. Let's see how Gil Design conquered this challenge.


Nail Salon

With the Moc style, the 50m2 space has a cream-colored shirt that brings a warm and relaxing feeling. Furniture is also selected with brown wood details that make the store's "rustic" stand out even more.


With the main color font of cream mixed with the warmth of wooden brown, the room of 50m2 is warm and luxurious. Choosing the right interior with the style of the room has the role of shaping as well as keeping the 50m2 space as airy as possible.


Serving Place

A health care store such as Spa, Salon, nail salon, ... all have in common is neat and clean, this greatly affects customers. Foreseeing the above problem, Gil Design has specially selected chairs with airy, compact, and easy-to-clean features. Each set of chairs will include a stool for staff and a chair for guests, all made of bamboo material, both synchronous and bold for the carpentry of the store. Make full use of its space, an iron frame has been arranged between two spaces to act as a shelf, on the other hand a partition but still keep the store airy. This is also the green feature of the building when it is decorated with colorful flower pots, making the room more in harmony with nature. Instead of using the bulky shelf to obstruct the space, the bezels are used instead to place the nail tools, which are very delicate and save space.




The decoration of Salon

The space is arranged in a reasonable manner when the place used to serve customers is placed completely to the right, the rest is designed as a passageway through the door to the end of the space. This brings convenience when moving, as well as creating a sense of depth in the room, bringing a sense of airy and spaciousness to the room.

In order not to make a 50 square meter room too stuffy, a window placed in the aisle not only makes the room cooler; The light and wind circulating around the store also helps the room to be "Carpentry", in terms of feng shui, the fortune is circulated around every corner, improving the homeowner's temperament as well as the business situation.

Lighting is also a plus point of the store when the lights are placed on the wall, spread evenly throughout the room. A creative room will create a feeling of cleanliness while also attracting customers 'attention to the space, combined with good quality of service that will push customers' experience to a new level.

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