With their experience and creativity, in this work, Architects of Gil Design have created a culturally diverse space, "mixing" but not "mixing" between Japanese and European design. . When entering the restaurant space, you will have the opportunity to experience the quintessence of architecture as well as the culinary background of "sunrise country".

Interior design for Japanese restaurants.

Investor: Mr. Quy

Project: District 1 - HCMC

Scale: 300m2

Modern style


Not only stopping at the usual designs, for the above project, Gil Design has blown into the space of a Japanese culture but still retains the modern and luxurious features of European architecture.


Japanese restaurant


As soon as you step into the restaurant, the reception desk will be the first contact place customers, the first impression is the deepest impression. Therefore, the reception counter is given a separate space for Japanese decoration as much as possible. The whole room uses white background as the main theme and the pattern of Koi fish is extremely lively and impressive. Reception is also made entirely of very "Japanese" wood.


Japanese restaurant reception


The characteristic of Japanese architecture is due to its minimalism and harmony with nature. The above factors suggest Gil Design a color scheme for an extremely luxurious, sophisticated and truly minimalistic space. In general, the space is designed in Black - Gray with interior details using wood colors, in accordance with Japanese culture.


Japanese restaurant lobby

The light

The use of the above color gamut, although creating luxury, is very easy to make the space feel dark and gloomy. Grasping the above challenge, Gil Design arranged the light to be evenly distributed but not overwhelmed, creating a warm, contrasting feeling.
Lighting devices not only contribute to providing light for the space but also act as decorative items. Gil Design opted for ceiling-mounted light bulbs with uniform, no-dazzling light. The wooden exterior frame is the architectural element for the bulb to become a part of the architecture.


Japanese restaurant lobby

The Bar - the most prominent place of the restaurant is also well used light elements with white LED lights. The bar layout in the middle of the restaurant space is even more prominent, making this place become a center to attract all the gazes of diners.


Japanese restaurant bar

With a style of harmony with nature, windows are indispensable. Here, Gil Design has made great efforts to bring the restaurant space not only a window but also an open space, a door connecting to the outside space. Large glass windows covering the space also provide a good amount of natural light as well as open up a space, "view" for diners to have a complete experience not only in the dishes but also in the perception of Japanese restaurant space.


Japanese restaurant lobby

Interior - Architecture

For Japanese culture, they will choose simple and space-saving items, so the interior will be extremely simple. But this is a feature that separates Japanese architecture from other cultures.
Here, Gil Design has made a little change in the interior to make the room more luxurious but still suitable for the space and conditions in Vietnam. The furniture is not entirely made of wood, but the wood details are still retained. With the criteria of minimalism and space saving, the selected tables and chairs are usually round with large capacity.


Japanese restaurant lobby

Do not use the usual paint colors, for this project, the stones are selected to use to create a sense of luxury and at the same time evoke a familiarity with nature, when seeing the tiles. It feels like you are really in a Japanese building. Adorning those tiles are wooden frames, paper frames imbued with the land of cherry blossoms, extremely delicate and modern.


Small corner Japanese restaurant

Above are some shares as well as actual images of the project designed by Gil Design. If you want a beautiful space that is not difficult, please contact us immediately to support you.

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