Realizing the dream of having a house in the city with a cool garden but still saving space, the Gil Design team designed the Thu Duc townhouse garden project with full amenities but still optimal in terms of area. Integration suitable for all families. The garden is divided into 3 parts to meet the needs of every family for a garden, invite you to admire.

Interior design for a terrace garden in the heart of Saigon

Investor: Anh Duy

Project: Thu Duc district

Scale: 1 ground floor - 2 floors

Style: Show great


Perhaps when referring to a dream house in the city, everyone thinks of their house with a cool garden so that the living space becomes fresh, in harmony with nature. With the current state, when land becomes more and more expensive, wishing it becomes more and more difficult to fulfill. However, with her extensive experience, Gil Design made the most of the space and made this wish possible by designing a rooftop garden.


Terrace garden


The terrace is designed with 3 areas: front yard, side garden and from there leads to the back yard.

Front yard.


The front yard of the garden terrace

Designed to relax goals, the garden terrace outside the work is designed gently, the work put in it facilities such as furniture, lamps, ... plays a huge role in helping the garden to be completed. .

Gentle neutral color distribution, upscale garden is elegant and luxurious. The place where the tables and chairs are placed on the top floor, lined with a wooden board as a resting mode, is separated from the page, creating a separate feeling for the homeowner. In addition, the lining of this wood panel also helps to keep the furniture from getting wet when it rains.

To bring warmth, luxury, indispensable light design to help you feel more clearly the room space. Carrying the main task of lighting for this space, 3 hanging lights in the middle of the space with both light mode must help the garden to be both bright and light, like garden conditioning even though it saves time. hot or cold.


The front yard of the garden terrace

The chair set is designed in L-shape, surrounding corners to relax to ventilation for space, while creating a comfortable, spacious, allowing many people to sit together and spin around, interact with each other. together. Since then, the warmth of the space spreads to the family's feelings, making the members of the family more bonded together.

A complete garden must have both water and trees. The lake helps to regulate the temperature, creates coolness for the garden, and also creates a comfortable relaxation for the homeowner, making the space more natural. Therefore, a small lake arranged in a relaxing corner helps optimize relaxation, creating coolness for the family while spinning clothes.


The front yard of the garden terrace

The garden is arranged with a very poetic view. An immense sky is opened before the eyes, opening up a cool space, in harmony with nature among the city pages. Nature, immensity, as we humans, we also feel small, bringing about the same feeling.

The eye-catching ornamental plants add a natural touch to the garden, making it feel like we are actually sitting in a garden.

Side garden.

There are simple, luxurious designs, but for the side garden area, the application is most noticeable.


Side garden

The has the most natural look, a lawn paved with wood pieces arranged by us right in the walkway, making it feel like we are walking in a real garden. Without the magnification of the front yard, this area is designed to be in a deeper style, to suit work needs, or perhaps to relax with a cup of tea.


Side garden

When it comes to a garden, we often think of meetings, parties, BBQ parties that you meet, people gathered together, this space is the place for that. one person in the oven with the oven to prepare the food. Main color is brown wood, furniture is also made mainly of wood, the right quality of a garden with flowers around.

Back yard


Backyard of the terrace

Simply the following distance is simply a short line with 2 stretches. Although nothing but very important because this can be the place where homeowners can show their hobbies such as growing ornamental plants, raising ornamental fish, ... or if your family wants to build a model of growing vegetables. at home, this is the union.


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