Paint plays an important role in reflecting the aesthetics of your home. However, the concern about this factor is not enough, more specifically, the paint peeling phenomenon occurs a lot in almost every Vietnamese family. That's why Gil Design would like to share a few things to make your wall paint more aesthetically pleasing over time.

How to paint your wall without being peeled off

As an extremely important factor but easy to be forgotten when completing a house, wall painting plays an extremely large aesthetic role, is an indispensable piece of puzzle. Paint peeling happens a lot, almost every house happens. To be able to improve the above problem, the following article will show the causes and remedies for your house to be dressed in a "silk velvet" shirt, without cracks.


Acting as the "coat" of the house, painting the wall greatly affects the aesthetics and quality of life of your family. However, there are several main causes that affect the paint layer, causing the paint to peel off.

The impact of foreign forces

According to the principles of physics, when collisions occur, soft objects will be deformed more than hard objects, which means that the paint layer will be directly affected, making the paint easily peeling off. The impacts can be mentioned as rubbing with hard objects, nails, peeling by hand, ... For this factor, no matter how quality your paint is, peeling will be unavoidable.


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Leakage, mold moisture.

When the wall is damp, the paint no longer holds firmly against the wall, thus making it easier for the paint to peel off. The wall becomes moldy due to the following reasons:
During the construction process, when the wall is not wet enough or dry enough, paint on the wall, causing the paint to not stick tightly, easily causing cracking later.
Exterior waterproofing is not good or tight enough, causing the wall to leak when it rains, causing the paint to peel off.
For weather conditions in Vietnam, high humidity as well as rain, making it difficult to control and limit humidity for walls, contractors need to pay attention to this factor in the construction of wall paint.


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Do not thoroughly clean the surface before applying.

To prevent the paint from peeling, the walls and paint need to have a close bond. Failure to clean the surface thoroughly will cause the bonding surface to contain objects that obstruct the bonding, inadvertently making the coating easy to peel off.
The use of poor quality putty, disintegrated chalk powder also significantly affects the connection between the paint and the wall.


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Paint quality.

On the market today, based on the needs of customers, paint products are more and more diversified. Choosing the right product to suit your needs will play a huge role in the durability of your paint coating. There are paints with outstanding features such as anti-moisture, anti-adhesion, anti-mold, anti-fading, ...
In addition to choosing the right paint, when painting the wall, it is also important to pay attention to thickness because this is a factor related to external effects, directly affecting the quality of the paint.


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The right way to paint the wall.

From the above reasons, it can be seen that the coating is extremely fragile, and degradation over time is inevitable. However, if you apply the following principles correctly, it will somewhat prolong the life of your paint.
During the construction process, it is necessary to select skilled and experienced people to decide when to paint the wall, avoid the wall is still too dry or too wet, causing the paint to peel off later.
Waterproof paints play an important role in protecting your paint from mold. Choose a good waterproof paint as well as carry out a careful application to make this protective layer work better for you.
Clean the surface of the wall thoroughly before applying, as well as choose a good putty to create a strong bond between the paint and your wall.
Depending on the needs of each family to choose the paint with the right features for the needs of use.
Here are a few tips to help make your paintwork beautiful and lasting over time. If you need to renovate your house or paint the house, you can immediately contact Gil Design for advice and construction by our experienced and professional team.

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