The kitchen is like the soul of the house. And with a few simple ways below, you can make your kitchen more cozy and luxurious. Family moments also become more precious.

How to decorate your kitchen to be both convenient and cost-effective.

From the past up to now, for each person, when it comes to the family home, the most reminiscent image is that the whole family is together on a tray of rice. That's right, the kitchen is not only a place to cook, but also a place to keep the family happy. Understanding this, Gil Design would like to share a few tips to beautifully decorate the kitchen but still save money.

1. Decorative colors.

Color is the basic but very important factor in interior decoration because color is what people notice first. For decorating the kitchen space, we should use neutral colors that bring sophistication and elegance. You can use a variety of colors, but keep the main color of your kitchen. Below are the actual pictures as well as Gil's advice for your reference.

Tone in White - Black

This two-tone combination of White - Black is not only applicable in interior design but also in many other areas due to sophistication and elegance. It can be said that when these 2 colors combine, it will create a neutral, making your kitchen space feel cool in summer and warm in winter. Plus, the contrast also creates depth for the kitchen space, giving us the feeling that the kitchen space also becomes more spacious and airy.


The Black and White Kitchen built by Gil Design


The Black and White Kitchen built by Gil Design

Dark green.

In recent years, dark green is becoming a new trend in interior decoration thanks to its neutrality, bringing a natural cool feeling to the home space. Using dark green for the kitchen makes us feel outstanding but still comfortable, opening up a green space for the kitchen of each home.


The green kitchen was constructed by Gil Design


Color according to feng shui.

Feng shui plays a big role in everyday life. If you want to color your kitchen space according to feng shui, here are some suggestions of Gil Design for you:

The kitchen color scheme according to the Feng Shui Five Elements of Kim includes colors: white, gold, and silver.

The kitchen color scheme according to the five elements Moc includes: green.

The kitchen color scheme according to the Five Elements of Thuy includes: blue, black, and gray.

The kitchen color scheme according to the five elements of the Fire includes: pink, orange, and red.

The kitchen color scheme according to the earth elements includes: yellow, brown, coffee.

2. Kitchen furniture.

Minimalistic kitchen cabinets.

If you think the kitchen cabinets are only used to make your kitchen tidy, think again because today's kitchen cabinets also act as decorative items for the kitchen space. Choose for yourself the cabinets with minimalistic details and color matching with your kitchen. Choosing minimalist cabinets will contribute to making the kitchen as streamlined as possible.


Novaland kitchen built by Gil Design

Dining tables and chairs

If your kitchen is large enough, buy yourself a set of tables and chairs to facilitate cleaning, cleaning as well as usage needs. Choose minimalist products to avoid your kitchen clutter and difficult to clean.


The apartment was constructed by Gil Design

Household electrical appliances

Electrical appliances are an indispensable indispensable in your kitchen. Depending on the size of the space, you can choose the right size products. If you own a large kitchen, it does not matter but if your space is limited, you should base on the area as well as the needs for you to buy the product. Do not try to buy a lot, too big to fill in the kitchen because the kitchen is the place where you prepare food, buying too many appliances will accidentally make your kitchen difficult to clean. Reproductive bacteria affect your health.

If you already have a full range of home appliances, here will be a few tips for you to arrange your beloved coal kitchen.

Refrigerator is an indispensable household item in every family, and the most convenient place in the house to arrange the fridge is no other than the kitchen. Convenient food storage. However, there are some notes that when setting up the refrigerator, do not place it opposite or too close to the fire because the heat of the stove will affect the equipment. In terms of feng shui, the layout of the refrigerator as above will cause conflicts, affecting the property and health of the homeowner.


Home appliance layout. Source: Collector

Microwaves are compact, but they also need to be in the right place. When arranging, avoid placing them near humid places because it is easy to damage and not good in terms of feng-shui; avoid places such as sinks, faucets, water tanks, ... Also, do not leave the microwave oven on the refrigerator because it will create a conflict that will not attract money.


Microwave arrangement. Source: Collector

3. Kitchen with windows.

Cooking can make your kitchen stuffy, if your kitchen has windows then this problem will be solved completely. In addition, when your kitchen has windows, that means the air circulation is better, there is no smell. On the other hand, windows also help open the kitchen space, capture natural light, thereby partly affecting the homeowner's fortune.
When layout windows for the kitchen, we should arrange windows as high as the sink, or from the dining table upwards. The windows should be arranged in the East to catch the cool breeze, soothe the heat of the kitchen, and the overhead window arrangement also helps the airflow to blow up to the level of people, helping us to always feel comfortable. , comfortable. It should be noted that when setting up windows, avoid having the two windows facing each other. This will cause the wind to blow through too quickly, not circulate indoors, according to feng shui, it is explained as quicker vitality, no wealth accumulation.


The kitchen is cool with natural light. Source: Collector

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