Currently, the redesign of the old house is interested by a lot of people, but not everyone understands about this issue. Many objects, due to confusion, cost a lot of money, but the work cannot be completed. Follow the article to avoid errors that should not be friends!

Cheap housing construction design - Renovating and repairing old houses - Commitment to quality

Gil Design are some of the top rated companies for housing construction and renovation. With experience and expertise, well-trained, Gil Design is committed to meeting customers' needs in the best way. In addition to housing construction and renovation, Gil Design also has other projects such as construction - renovation of apartments, townhouses, letter houses, offices, showrooms, hotels.

At Gil Design, customers will be consulted with many options.

- For customers who have drawings, Gil Design still undertakes construction and advises unnecessary points to avoid spending a lot of money for customers.

- For customers who do not have drawings, the consultant and the architect will come to observe and agree to give the most suitable drawing for the customer. However, still respect customer opinions if you have any ideas. The architect will consider and design the most perfect drawing, both improving the house and in accordance with the customer's criteria.


Novaland Apartment


A few notes before designing and constructing houses need to know:

Plan costs before implementation

Before embarking on the construction of a home improvement, cost planning is essential because it affects a lot on the construction progress. It is necessary to calculate in advance possible risks during the implementation process such as lack of materials or any change in the design drawings.


Plan costs before implementation


Discuss with family members

Designing and rebuilding the house is a big deal, so discuss with your family for the most valuable advice. If you live alone, you can freely decide, but if you live with other family members, you should sit down with the members to discuss design ideas as well as interior. home. Pay special attention, each person's private space should let him or her decide on the design concept as well as the interior layout in the room.


Discuss ideas with family members

Learn about design units and construction units

On the market today, there are many design and construction units, really sober to choose a unit with expertise and high aesthetics. However, renting each unit individually will cost customers a lot, but sometimes it is not uniform. Hiring a design and construction company not only helps customers save costs but also ensures progress and quality. When working with Gil Design, customers are especially assured of quality and factors such as aesthetics, construction time, construction materials. Architects Gil Design will calculate in detail to help customers not only stay in the most comfortable space and the cost will be the lowest.


Design and construction unit Gil Design

Project supervision

This factor is often ignored by the majority of customers, because it is not important to think. This is a huge mistake. For customers who have had experience and more time, the supervision will become easier, but customers must always be at the site to monitor and supervise. For inexperienced clients it is advisable to hire an interior architect to oversee each design and construction phase. Because they are professionals and have high aesthetics, helping your home to be built in the most perfect way not only aesthetic outside but also quality from the inside.


Construction supervision

See feng shui

This factor is concerned by most of customers in Vietnam, because it is considered a spiritual factor. It greatly affects the position of the house as well as the design direction of the house. Some items should be considered in terms of feng shui such as: main door, kitchen, bedroom, living room, closet, terrace, ... This does not take too much time, customers do not ignore the factor. This is important.


Feng shui factors


Learn about materials and appliances, interior equipment

This factor is considered the decisive factor for the design cost of the house construction. This should be discussed with your team of architects to consult the agents for materials and interior equipment that are the cheapest and most suitable for house design drawings.


Bedroom - Novaland Apartment


Here are the works that Gil Design has done:

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New construction design:











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