The living room is considered the frontage of the house, showing the whole style and personality of the owner. In addition, a beautiful living room also partly shows the host's personality.

When you own an area of ​​only about 8 - 10m², you can still create a beautiful living room that attracts any guest when coming to play at home.

Decorating the living room has a limited area, you need to pay attention to the selection of furniture, color combinations, choosing the right location as well as decorative details, so you should limit the use of too many colors.

1. Notice the principle is as simple as beautiful
The small living room becomes more cramped and confusing when you choose too many furniture. Furniture shows a lot means the space becomes messy, lack of sophistication. Therefore, you should only choose the furniture that is absolutely necessary. The family's living space will be more elegant and cozy.
2. Don't forget to choose a smart interior
Living room space is decorated in a modern style, multi-functional furniture or smart items cannot be ignored. They not only help your living room look good and more convenient, but also make living and using the space more convenient. You will also be surprised to know that there are many furniture and items with smart designs but extremely reasonable prices.
3. DIY decorations
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Your living room will certainly not be like any other room, bringing beauty that everyone will remember once and for all because there are homemade decorations. If you can arrange the time, decorate and beautify the room by yourself with crafts such as wall paintings, DIY flower pots, sofa pillows or anything that you feel you can do by yourself. OK. Such simplicity is enough to turn the living space into a new and surprisingly sophisticated.

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